Close The Doors for Uninvited Guests on Your Network by Enabling MAC filtering

Nobody likes to entertain uninvited or unwanted guest. You can’t open doors of your home to everyone who is unknown to you or to the one you don’t trust. Likewise, we can’t allow any wireless device to access our wireless network. Nowadays it is easy to allow or deny access to devices by using Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. If you are using quality router device just like Belkin router, you get the useful feature of MAC Filtering. In case, you are new to router or wireless network, then today’ blog will be valuable for you. We are providing information & method Mac filtering by which you can prevent unauthorized access to your network. You can enable this feature during Belkin router setup. To know more about it, be with us until the end of the blog.

MAC filtering or which we called Media Access Control filters the wireless access to your network. It scans the Mac addresses of the allowed or denied devices by the router user. After that, it allows or denies the request. By this, you ensure a safe networking. To use this features, you need to have knowledge about MAC address of the device, which plays a role of a key in accessing the network. So, before you head to enable MAC filtering, make sure you have MAC address of the devices. On top of it, wireless devices that you will allow/deny are already connected to your network or can access it. Let’s start the process now, follow the steps as they are given.

Steps to Enable MAC filtering During Belkin Router Setup

  • Begin with opening a web browser on your wireless device or computer. You can use web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari.
  • For Belkin router setup, type Belkin router local web address http://router into the browser address bar & Press enter button. If you get issue using web address then try to use router default IP address Or if you have changed router IP address then enter the personalized one.
  • Next, go to the section of Firewall & click on the MAC Address Filtering. Now, click the box beside Enable MAC Address Filtering option. Here, type the MAC address of the device that you wish to allow or deny.

Belkin router setup

  • When you see Allow or Prevent Access box, enter the devices MAC addresses respectively.

Belkin router setup

  • Click on Add button for Adding & Blocking the devices.

Belkin router setup

  • Once you have done with entering the Mac addresses, Click on the Save button to save the changes.

If you have doubt or query regarding above-mentioned points, call or comment our experts. You can contact our experts by dialing the toll-free number. They are available 24/7 whether it is live chat or toll-free number. So, take experts’ advice before you head to Belkin router setup. You can also share your feedback & suggestion with the team in the comment box. Our team will revert back to you in no time, so get connected with today.