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Firmware is so crucial for devices to run smoothly. It is a program that is required for devices to their designated tasks. Firmware is not get used for doing certain activities on devices, but it helps devices to improve their working. Various devices manufacturer releases Firmware updates occasionally to make sure device works as it supposed to be. Firmware updates help in fixing bugs, programs for user’s benefits. If we take experts’ advice, they strongly recommend a timely update of firmware. When you update the firmware of your device, it improves the functionality of the device. In networking, the router also follows the same procedure. Every router has a different way of downloading the firmware update. In Belkin router, a user can occasionally check or receive an update regarding Firmware update. If you are Belkin router new user & want to update firmware then go through our today’s blog. Belkin router firmware update has encoded set of instructions, which assist you in improving the working of the Belkin router. To initiate Firmware update in your Belkin router you first have to accomplish Belkin router login.
Once you successfully log in to your Belkin router admin page. It takes you to the advance setting of the router. There is another benefit of updating Firmware is that it resolves previous versions issues. So, for now, let’s take a look at the process of updating firmware version via Belkin router login. Before you start updating Firmware version, ensure you have following things.

Pre-Requisite for Belkin Router Firmware Update

• Connect Belkin router to the computer via an Ethernet cable for firm connection. Or in order to avoid failure during Belkin router update.
• If, you have an unstable internet connection, the failure of firmware update can lead to permanent damage to your router.
• It is better to back up router settings before you start updating the firmware. To know more about backing up settings of your router, contact us on a toll-free number.
Follow Below Mentioned Steps for Manually Updation of Belkin Router Firmware. Start with checking the version & Model Number of the Belkin Router.

Steps for Checking Model & Version Of the Belkin Router

• Check at the bottom of the Belkin router, version & model number are printed on the router Label.
• If you can’t find Model & Version at the bottom of the router, check each exterior sides of the router. Don’t forget to check the package of the router.

belkin router login

Download Firmware

• You can’t directly update the firmware. First, you have to do Belkin router login & download the Firmware. Once you download the firmware then save it & then update it.
• To do so, go to Router official website from your computer. If there is an issue while downloading the firmware then changes browser or clear browser cache.
• When you reach router official website, enter router model number. Next, you will see a list of files can be downloaded.
• Go to support article page & click on Download Link. Save the file that you have downloaded.
• Next, click on the Save when you see Dialogue Box.
• Now, choose the location where you want to save the file. After that, click on Save. It will be a good move if you save the files on the desktop so that you can locate file easily.

Update Belkin Router Firmware via Belkin Router Login

• To begin with, open a web browser on your computer. Now, enter router default IP address into browser address bar & then press enter.
• If you don’t know IP address then you can use router web address http://router & Press Enter Key.
• In next step, click on Login, located at the top-right corner of the screen.
• If you have a password for your router then enter it in given field. Otherwise, leave the field Blank.

belkin router login

• Next, go for Utilities section & click on the Firmware Update.
• Now browse the downloaded file of Firmware that you already saved.
• In case, you are using MAC computer then the file will be get downloaded in the Download Folder.
• Choose the Downloaded Firmware File & click on Open.

belkin router login

• Once you click on Open, you will receive Continue with the upgrade message. Simply Click on OK.
• A prompt of not to turn off or reboot the router will get flash on the Screen. Click on OK button. Immediately you will get a status of Firmware Update.
To know more about further steps, give us a call right now on Toll-free number. We have a team of professionals that can answer your every query regarding Router. In case, you need more information on Belkin router Login, get connected with our team Live. Our Experts stay active all day long to answer your queries. You can also post comments in the comment box. The team will try to get back to you in no time.